PreParty: talkNWA

No #POWERRR, no worries. Jay Cal is still doing his PreParty as we #talkNWA. Airing minutes after the David Lagana interview, what did you think?

Without an episode of #NWAPOWERRR this week we’re just going to do a good ole fashion #talkNWA kicks off on YouTube, Jay Cal invites you to talk all things National Wrestling Alliance…

After nine weeks of television, the National Wrestling Alliance will be hosting Into the Fire at the Georgia Public Broadcasting studio on Saturday, December 14th.

What was your favorite part of the NWA? Which match was your favorite? Who is your MVP of NWAPOWERRR?

Join us and celebrate the 9 weeks of TV and the upcoming PPV To order the PPV…

If you’d like to support the show, please order your Alliance T-Shirt on Amazon

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