Politics in Wrestling

Politics and Wrestling

If there is one thing that most wrestling fans can agree on , we do not want politics in our wrestling. In fact pretty much all of us use our beloved pro wrestling as an escape from the stressful and angry world of politics. Especially now when things are by far their most divided. So the idea of someone using a political stance in their wrestling career bothers some, in fact it bothers a lot of fans. Evident this week when multiple N.W.A groups on FaceBook ,including the Official Power fan group were forced to delete threads about Caleb Konley. The former impact mid carder who uses ring gear designed to be similar to the Antifa flag. Konley is also well known to frequently use the hashtags #antifascist and #Resist in his tweeets.
I myself will admit to not really knowing that much about Konley. I myself gave up on Impact a long many years ago. I had moved on to what I felt were greener pastures. So I will admit I am not sure if Konley is using the current political climate to make a name for himself. Or he may be completely serious in his support and propping up of Antifa. So I have decided to write this article in two parts , first as if it all just a work . Then with the thought that he truly does back antifa.

Talk about Caleb Konley stirred up controversy on N.W.A fan groups

Its all a Work !

First I will look at all of this from the stand point that this is a work. Using such a polarizing topic and using it to “get over” is a tricky proposition. Ask Vince about Muhammad Hassan if you don’t believe that. However to a degree it can be brilliant. It will certainly either endear or villianize you to half the crowd no matter where you are. In places of left wing strong hold such as Portland or Seattle, you would be a huge babyface. Or in Red states like Texas or Florida it would make you a huge heel. Used properly this could be game changer for a young talent.
If this is what Caleb Konley is doing he is so far doing it pretty quietly. It could be hyped up a little more and turned into something that garners a lot of attention. He could choose how to play it, even though the reality is that its hard to make a hero from the supporter of a domestic terrorist organization. Going heel and calling everyone fascists, and deplorables would be, by far the easier and likely more believable route. I could imagine him going after James Storm for the confederate flag, or attacking Trevor Murdoch for a redneck right winger. There are a lot of possibilities with a gimmick this polarizing.
The only thing I do find in very poor taste, if he is using this as a gimmick is his choice in hashtags. If he does not want them to get serious attention I would try avoiding using actual hashtags used by the group such as #antifascist or #resist there is always a play on words that can be used in order to not give attention to group like antifa. I myself cringe to use their name as I would hate to give them any positive attention.

If he is Seriously Supporting Antifa

Now if he is serious and is really supporting, this is an entirely different story. Satire is one thing but actually using your position in the public eye or on Television to support or gain attention for a domestic terrorist group that has committed multiple acts of unprovoked violence against innocent civilians, and caused millions of dollars in property damage, is disgusting. Antifa has an absolute proven history of not being an anti-fascism group, but to be exactly what they claim to hate, a group of left wing fascists who violently oppress the free expression of any idea that does not match their own. If it is true ,that this is exactly what he supporting then this is a major problem for the N.W.A or at least it should be.
If the N.W.A as a company can hassle and ask for an apology from Jim Cornette for a bad joke that offended left leaning snowflakes, and they follow that by allowing their broadcast to be used to push a group and agenda of violence and censorship of anyone not on the far left, they will have shown themselves to have picked a political side . They will show their fans that like mainstream media news and hollywood the have picked a political agenda and they will stand by it till we lose our escape from such arguments. If Corneys joke was so offensive, propping up and carrying water for a terrorist group that violently attacks innocent Americans for having their own opinion, should be beyond offensive. Why patriotic Americans are not filling the National Wrestling Alliances inbox and comment section on youtube with pure venom is shocking to me. I realize most patriots will just turn away and turn it off. I myself would hate to see the N.W.A lose any viewers. I hope rather than tuning out which is what most do, let your voice be heard. Maybe your voice can protect the wrestling product we love from becoming a breeding ground for hateful bias and disgusting politic debate. Especially debate laced with the vile hateful nonsensical illogical arguments made by groups like antifa.
If he is serious, and I pray he is not, then the N.W.A needs to step up and protect their product from being connected to a evil violent group bent on fascist control over all ideas and opinions who have no place in civilized American society.

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