World Champion cancels two title defenses after his war with Matt Cardona at NWA Paranoia

EC3 was forced to cancel two title defenses scheduled for the weekend of January 20th and January 21st. The matches were postponed due to the Worlds Heavyweight Champion being unfit to compete. These cancelations come one week after his last title defense against Matt Cardona for NWA’s Paranoia. Since becoming champion, EC3 has made it clear he would be a defending champion. With defense in sixteen cities, EC3 has been true to his words.

It is under dire circumstances and council from my physical and mental health teams that due to injuries sustained in The Ultimate Match of Death vs Matt Cardona and exhaustion of being b oth the over champ champ of the NWA, OVW, and the gate keeper for an entire industry that I am deemed unfit to compete and travel for my scheduled appearances at Greek Town Wrestling and Supreme Pro Wrestling this weekend.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, EC3

EC3 was scheduled to defend the Ten Pounds of Gold against Channing Decker for Greektown Wrestling in London, Ontario, Canada. If the champion was successful in his defense, he would venture from East to West to do battle with Drake Frost at Supreme Pro Wrestling’s Fight Me event in Elk Grove, CA. The Champion invited Decker the opportunity to show up at Exodus Pro Wrestling on January 27th. And Frost will face the Worlds Heavyweight Champion on February 18th at Supreme Pro Wrestling. These aren’t the first title matches that EC3 was forced to postpone. He canceled two matches in September, citing circumstances beyond his control. He did make good on both of those cancelations. EC3 defeated Manny Lemons in December in Utah. And is scheduled to face John McChesney later in February.


EC3 is a two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Currently the Premier Men’s Champion and the OVW National Heavyweight Champion. EC3 became the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion on August 27th, 2023 at the NWA 75th Anniversary Show. EC3 became only the seventh man to be recognized as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion in the Lightning One Era.

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