#OpenYourEyes: Adam Pearce looks to Make and Impact

#OpenYourEyes #OpenTheDoor #GetOutOfMyWay #WatchTheMagicHappen

Thursday is a big day for me.adam pearce

Not just professionally, but personally as well. After spending more than half my life involved in professional wrestling I stand on the doorstep of what could be – what should be – the next chapter in my wrestling life. And the door has been left open a crack.

I have the greatest job in the world, but I won’t lie: It’s hard. Being a full-time world-traveling independent professional wrestler in 2013 is an incredible accomplishment, if I can say so without sounding pompous. But it is also a constant, seemingly never-ending, hustle. And because I burn the candle at both ends handling everything else “in house” (acting as my own agent, manager, travel coordinator, and merchandiser – not to mention the actual performing part), it would be very easy to burn out. And I have at times in the last two decades.

But not now. Not when we’re standing on the precipice and the door is cracked open.

I have always been one to wait and see. And whether it’s good or bad (and I’m sure it’s both), I am picky. I have passed several times on opportunities that a lot of my peers would have jumped at. If you know the stories, then you know what I’m talking about. But something about this time – this opportunity – is different. This time just feels…right.

If you enjoyed seeing me on Impact Wrestling and would like that to happen more often, then I’ve never needed you more than I do NOW. The support I received during and following my SpikeTV appearance astounded me, and none of you knew ahead of time. I cannot begin to thank you all enough for how that made me and my family feel. This time we all have the benefit of knowing what’s at stake and whether we have any “power” in the GutCheck process is immaterial.

We all have a voice and NOW is the time to use it. I feel like I’ve done the best I can with what opportunity I’ve been given so far at TNA. I feel like I kicked the door wide open, and I would be honored to have the chance to walk through it. Walk with me.

This Thursday, Impact Wrestling airs LIVE from Corpus Christi, Texas on SpikeTV. If I am fortunate to be able to state my case before the GutCheck judges they will hear my voice. If you please, let them all hear yours between now and then.

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