One of the BIGGEST shows of the year

Is now available for pre-order on DVD.

Match Line Ups are:

Go Shiozaki w/Harley Race v. “Old School” Oliver John

20 Man Battle Royal

4 Way Dance
Tito Aquino v. Steve Anthony v. Virgil Flynn v. Brian Nguyen

AWA/WSL Featured Match
Kirby Mack v. Ricky Landell w/Nick Bockwinkel

Women’s Match
Nikki Matthews w/Ross Hart v. Veronika Vice

Gangrel & Billy Blade w/Luna Vachon v. Jeff McCallister & Black Metal

Special Attraction
Chris Masters & Derek Sanders over G.Q. Gallo & Din T. Moore

Billy V & Mr. Wrestling IV w/J.J. Dillon v. Saint Laurent & Chasyn Rance

Triple Threat Match
Paul Diamond v. Tristan Gallo v. Dallas Murdoch w/Rock Riddle

I plan to pick up mine soon and suggest you do as well.

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