One More Week!

The NWA sent out the following announcement today:

The National Wrestling Alliance’s Wrestling Showcase series will have to wait another week for its return to the Dish Network’s Colour Channel in terms of fresh episodes.

The NWA and Big Vision delivered the first four new episodes to the network this week, only for the network to realize they couldn’t air the episodes as they were produced in High Definition. The network had chosen to receive the episodes in HD but realized upon receipt of them that they wouldn’t be able to de-convert the first episode to their standard broadcasting levels in time for the planned debut. The NWA learned yesterday of the delay.

While this obviously took the winds out of the sails for all involved, it provides one more week for the company to promote the return of the series for those with Dish Network.
The new episodes will be the first airings from the company’s Hollywood, California’s studio wrestling show.

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