NWA’s Explosive Pro Wrestling: The Malaga Markets Recap

Explosive Pro Wrestling spent a day at the Malaga Markets putting on matches throughout the day for free! In this video recap, Callan takes a look at all the matches including The Ironman of Australian Wrestling Davis Storm vs The New Sensation of Australian Wrestling AZ Vegara, Gorgeous Gary Schmidt vs Jamie Jurah, A round robin challenge featuring JT, Michael Morleone and Chase Griffin, Jarek Matthews vs Shotgun Tyler Jacobs, Jimmy Payne vs Gary Schmidt, 6 Man Tag Match featuring Davis Storm, Jimmy Payne & Jarek Matthews vs Tyler Jacobs, Michael Morleone & the EPW Champion Richter, Richter vs Shoot Fighter Gavin McGavin, Chase Griffin & JT vs AZ Vegara & Gary Schmidt, Adam Banks vs Tyler Jacobs and Davis Storm vs Tyler Jacobs. 10 EPW Matches for free! Pays to shop at the Malaga Markets! Check out http://www.epwperth.com for info on EPW’s next event! Explosive Pro Wrestling extends its thanks to the Malaga Markets for hosting this free show!

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