NWA/IHWE Parade Of Champions Event comes to Fite TV

Ridglea Theater

April 28th 2016‐Fort Worth, Tx, The Parade of Champions event that took place March 31st in Fort Worth will be on demand on the revolutionary combat sports app Fite Tv, Starting Weds May 4th at 8:00 pm EST for fans from across the globe to watch.

Iconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence, the official & licensed partner of the National Wrestling Alliance presented the Parade of Champions event at Ridglea Theater on March 31st during Wrestlemania Week. Over 100,000 Wrestling fans converged on the 5th largest media market in the United States, The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to enjoy the festivities as Pro Wrestling took over the market. Superstars & Legends from across the globe were on hand, as well as a capacity crowd also from around the world to see this event. Now you can see it on your smart device thanks to the new combat sports app known as Fite Tv. Fite is a free app with hours of content from MMA & Wrestling organizations from all over the world.

“It’s great to see the NWA looking to provide pro wrestling fans with more strong content in a variety of locations. I wish them the best and stand ready to join other fans in supporting their efforts.” Jim Ross, WWE & NWA Hall of Fame broadcaster, spokesperson Fite Tv

The event will be available for purchase for the next 90 days starting on Weds May 4th for the price of $9.99, You get over 2 hours of action with such stars like NWA World Champion Jax Dane, ROH Tag Team Champion Ray Rowe, IHWE Champion & WWE Alumni Charlie Haas, Legendary Jim Cornette, NWA World Tag Champions Rob Conway & Matt Riviera, Japan Superstar Lance Hoyt, NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Steve Anthony, Bullet Babe NWA Women’s World Champion Amber O’Neal Gallows, Veda Scott, NWA North American Champion Tim Storm and more.

“It was great to see the combination of Dallas legends, the stars of today, and the talent of tomorrow blow the roof off the Ridglea Theater! It was also fitting this historic venue hosted the historic event of every major NWA Championship being defended in one electrifying evening! I had a ball! Don’t miss it if you can!” Jim Cornette, Southern Wrestling Hall of Famer You can download the Fite app now on Google Play Store & iTunes, and have it ready to go, so on May 4th you are ready to enjoy the NWA Parade of Champions. Every World & National NWA Championship defended on the same card, Surprises and so much more. Look for future NWA & IHWE events on Fite throughout the year as well.

FITE TV is a product of Flipps Media and is a free mobile app that is a one‐stop shop for viewing all sports within the fighting discipline globally including MMA, professional wrestling, boxing, and traditional martial arts. With only access to a smart TV and a smartphone, with the FITE app, viewers can watch live events, on‐demand programming, interviews and fighting sports related movies and documentaries on the big TV screen.
More information can be found at: www.fite.tv

The National Wrestling Alliance™ is the oldest and largest sanctioning body in professional wrestling. NWA™ branded events have been and continue to be promoted around the world since 1948. The NWA Currently has 29 different affiliates across the world, The NWA Produces live events every weekend across the globe. Check out NWARingside.com for more NWA Info, as well as the NWA Social Media sites.

IHWE Wrestling based in Fort Worth, Tx, Since 1998 the IHWE has produced 92 Live Events all over Texas. IHWE has live events throughout the year in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, IHWE Founded the Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2009,  IHWE Often has legends & Hall of Famers at live events for fans to meet. For All info on IHWE,  Download the IHWE App on Google play & iTunes, Also visit IHWENow.com

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