@NWAHOF Account is FAKE

Executive Vice President of the NWA, David Lagana gave confirmation earlier this morning that the twitter page NWAHOF is not connected to the National Wrestling Alliance in any way shape or form. When asked if the NWAHOF page was connected to the NWA, Lagana replied with,
“It’s not. And it’s deceiving fans. Sad world we live in that people spend their time and energy to do something like this. “

The NWA Hall of Fame was founded in 2005 the then owners of the National Wrestling Alliance (Pro Wrestling Organization LLC). Under this ownership the NWA. This tradition was continued by the following group of ownership in International Wrestling Corp, LLC. However, when Lightning One LLC purchased the brand they have yet to continue with this tradition of the Hall of Fame.

It is asked that all NWA Fans report the page as being fake. For a list of those are currently inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame, visit this link.

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