NWA Zero One’s Tenth Anniversary Show.

There has been a lot of noise for ZERO1’s Tenth Anniversary show to be held on March 6th at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Gokugikan.  Speculation with regard to the ZERO1’s actual involvement with the NWA can now be put to rest as the the returning brand has already scheduled a NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match.  The Cloverleaf belt had become somewhat of an iconic image in Japan as Tiger Mask IV wore the same belt as his mentor, the Original Tiger Mask in New Japan for several years.  The famous championship returns to Japan around the waist of Craig Classic.  Classic, no stranger to competing in Japan, spent a lot of his early career working with Big Japan Pro Wrestling.  The Worlds Jr. Champion spoke to Alliance Radio at length about his time in Japan and his aspirations to work for ZERO1. Classic now has the opportunity to defend his hard earned championship against Munenori Sawa, if he remains champion until March 6th.  Also representing the NWA will be none other than Fred Rubenstein who was a pivotal figure in the original incarnation for ZERO ONE and refereed some of the biggest matches in the promotions infancy. 
Also scheduled matches are Shinjiro Otani taking on Yoshihiro Takayama, Pancrase figher Takafumi Ito accepting the challenge of 2010 Tenka-Ichi Jr. Tournament Champion Ikuto Hidaka.  And the big match up featuring Masato Tanaka taking on Yuji Nagata. 

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