Stephan Johnson from the Bleacher Report
October 08, 2008

As we all know, WSX had a very short run on MTV. The show was packed with some
rather extreme moments, but was not enough to satisfy the MTV fans. I have good
news for the fans of WSX, though. The owners of the Society have been in talks
with NWA to start the promotion on their grounds.

Now, it is not confirmed, but if NWA accepts the Society’s application, WSX will begin being aired as soon as possible, terminating the Society’s contract with MTV. MTV
still has the WSX page up, but if it is brought down within the next few weeks,
we all know that NWA has accepted WSX for a new regime of extreme for its fan

It is an interestingly enough idea but as always I’m here to look at this concept from pillar to post around all four corners of the squared circle.

The wrestling scene has change drastically in the past 2 years. The new WWE brand of ECW has become a staple in the WWE programing. TNA has added mega-stars to its shows. The NWA had 10 episodes air of new programing, Ring of Honor landed a Pay Per View deal and is being rumored to being working on a television deal and even Hulk Hogan got back into the game with his Celebrity Championship Wrestling. Momentum is a huge factor in promoting professional wrestling and WSX has lost of its momentum.

Secondly the original WSX talent have moved on from the Bunker. During the hiatus of WSX from MTV, many of the WSX Talent became exclusive talents of other promotions. Mesias, Sean Waltman, Teddy Hart, and Jack Evans have become exclusive to AAA; along with Matt Sydal and Matt Classic who are now exclusive to WWE. Ring of Honor wrestlers sign contracts. A handful of the wrestlers have retired from the business. A look of the former WSX wrestlers who maybe available are… Alkatrazz, Arik Cannon, Babi Slymm, Chris Hamrick, Delikado, Horiguchi, The Human Tornado, Kaos, Joey Ryan, Josh Raymond, Lil’ Cholo, Luke Hawx, Markus Riot, Matt Cross, Mongol, Nate Webb, New Jack, Puma, Ruckus, Scorpio Sky, Vic Grimes, Yoshino and Youth Suicide.

WSX story lines were leading to a Sean Waltman v. Matt Sydal storyline; the Cartel vs. Grimes and Cannon; the turmoil between Los Pochos Guapos; the Jack Evans-Markus Riot relationship; and lastly the Vampiro v. Ricky Banderas feud for the WSX Heavyweight Title, which means the momentum is gone and a you would have to start fresh to create the new stars of promotion.

Lastly who benefits from a WSX-NWA relationship. The NWA already enjoys a relationship with WSX’s parent company Big Vision. WSX was always more of a TV Show about wrestling than a Wrestling TV Show. The NWA has been creating its own stars and flushing out television ideas. Some of WSX employees are already employed by the NWA. NWA has recently found a new venue for its new show. A partnership now wouldn’t make much sense for either party. Wrestling Society X was fun while it lasted, but its done. And not even the legacy of the NWA could breath life back into it.

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