NWA: Wrestling Showcase — Niles OH

The stars, thrills, actions, excitement, and surprises that you’ve come to expect from the National Wrestling Alliance will be coming to the Eastwood Expo in Niles OH on Friday November 28th when the NWA Wrestling Showcase comes to town. Bell Time for this event will be at 7:00 PM. This show will feature stars from territories all over the Alliance and will showcase the best wrestling in the world today.
Former WWE World Tag Team Champion takes on Pepper Parks in the Main Event!
The Main Event of the evening will feature one of the hardest hitting men in the wrestling world today taking on one of the rising stars of the NWA when Trevor Murdoch takes on Pepper Parks. A student of NWA Legend Harley Race, Murdock is best known as a former WWE World Tag Team Champion along side Lance Cade. Together, they were known as The Reckneck Wrecking Crew and more than lived up to the billing. However, Murdoch now has his sights set on the richest prize in all of professional wrestling; The NWA World Heavyweight title.
However, standing in his way is former NWA National Heavyweight Champion and constant presence on the NWA Top 10 challengers list, Pepper Parks. Parks had a successful run with the NWA National Heavyweight title several months ago but now has his sights set on the World Title. Many experts see Parks as a potential world champion as his mix of strength and speed make him a dangerous opponent.
Two world title contenders must go through each other before taking the next step on their journey. Will Trevor Murdoch make an immediate impact in the NWA or will Pepper Parks take the next step toward a potential world title shot.
Prophet gets his second Chance at the NWA National Title
Former NWA National Heavyweight Champion Chance Prophet will get a chance to win back the title he was never defeated for on November 15th when he takes on current NWA National Heavyweight Champion Crusher Hansen. Prophet was in the middle of a long and successful National title run when he suffered a severe leg injury on September 9, 2007. During the course of a match, Prophet’s fibula was snapped like a twig. Unable to defend the title, the NWA Board of Directors has no choice but to strip him of the title. Prophet suffered through painful surgeries and rehab and was told to never step foot in a wrestling ring again. However, like a true champion, Prophet refused to stay down. Despite a surgically repaired leg held together with steel plates and screws, the former champion has climbed the ranks again and now finally has his shot at the NWA National Heavyweight Championship.
Meanwhile, the current National Heavyweight Champion, Crusher Hansen has been crushing everything in his path. With his gender bending manager, B.C. Steele, by his side, the man once known as the “Bonecrusher” has been an imposing force in the NWA East territory for many years and has now put the entire alliance on notice. Crusher has been a fighting champion as well, including victories over one half of the North American Tag Team Champions, Brandon K, former ECW superstar Axl Rotten, and most impressively, the legendary Tracy Smothers. The 12 year veteran plans to hold on to the National Heavyweight title for a long time and few have even posed a challenge to the 280lbs + champion. However, a cloud of controversy has followed the current champion; including an incident at a recent NWA East/ PWX show where he placed his Iron Claw nerve hold on a fan that got in his face following a title defense.
When asked for comment, manager BC Steele said the following. Crusher Hansen realizes and respects everything Chance Prophet has done. He knows that he is the FORMER National Heavyweight Champion. Chance Prophet is a smart wrestler, athletic, powerful, and talented wrestler. He’s even a damn good looking man. He’ll beat most people… but not Crusher Hansen. Crusher Hansen is all that and so much more. And Chance better bring those crutches from his rehab to Niles, OH because he’ll need them! Prophet has all the tools and talent but he’s going against a man known for sending people to the hospital. Also, the wily veteran knows of Prophet’s injury and will be sure to target his surgically repaired leg.
Will Chance Prophet regain the title he never lost or will Crusher Hansen put the former champion back on the shelf on his way to greater glory?
The legendary Jim Cornette will be in attendance!!
One of the greatest managers in wrestling history, Jim Cornette, will be in Niles OH for this great show. Cornette is considered by many to be the greatest manger of all time. He has managed some of the greatest in the sport and is perhaps best know as the manager of the Midnight Express.
However, his impact on the business goes far beyond that as he has been a promoter, teacher, trainer, and mentor of many of the superstars in wrestling today. If you have never seen this legendary man live, this is your opportunity. Don’t miss it!
Two Semi Final Matches in the tournament to crowd new NWA Mid West Tag Team Champions
The former NWA Mid West Tag Champions, The Skull Krushers, recently won the NWA World Tag Team titles. Their new responsibilities forced them to vacate the NWA Mid West Tag Titles so new champions must be crowned. Two matches will be held in Niles OH to move one step closer to new champions.
The first match pits The Phoenix Twins v. The Playas Club. The second features Marvelous Mitch Ryder and Sexy Shawn Cook v. The McCoy Brothers. Both of these contests should be hard fought. The last two men to hold these tag titles went on to become World Champions. You can be all four of these teams realize this and know that it could be the first steps to greatness.

The NWA World Women’s Champion will defend her title.
NWA World Women’s Champion MsChif will defend her title against Ashley Lane. MsChif has been making a name for herself across the wrestling world for years now and is ensuring her place in Women’s wrestling history. She is not only the NWA World Women??s Champion, a title she won from the monstrous Awesome Kong, but also the SHIMMER World Champion which she won from Sara Del Rey, along with being the NWA Midwest Women’s Champion. A “Triple Crown Champion”. Definitely a rarity. MsChif has proven herself to be the absolute best in the world. Challenger Ashley Lane is a formidable wrestler in her own right and a more than worthy challenger but she will need to be at the top of her game if she wants to become World Champion.
NWA Mid West Heavyweight Title on the line!
The NWA Mid West Heavyweight title will be on the line when current champion Silas Young takes on challenger Josh Raymond. Silas is another up and coming superstar in the NWA. He has held titles all over the Mid West and looks to not only retain his title at the NWA Showcase but also put the NWA and the wrestling world on notice. Challenger Josh Raymond is a man who has recently reinvented himself. Boldly casting aside his former name and former life, Raymond is trying to climb the ladder of success in the wrestling business. He has recently taken on the services of one Joey Eastman of Joey Eastman World Wide. J.E.W.W. head Eastman says “this should be a easy victory for Josh. Become an NWA territorial champion, and then set our sites for that goofy Masked Mexican Blue Demon Jr”. Can Raymond & Eastman get it done, or will the current NWA Midwest champion prevail. Either way it goes the fans get to see two phenomenal technical wrestlers will go head to head in this one. This match may steal the show!
The Eastwood Expo is located at 5555 Youngstown Warren Rd Niles, OH 44446. For more information about the venue and the event, check out the website at http://www.eastwoodexpo.com/.
NWA Midwest and NWA East/PWX are members of the National Wrestling Alliance.

Written by V.L. Stricklett
Credit Ohio Wrestling

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