NWA Wrestling Showcase gets new day and time

(credit NWA Wrestling.com)

Denver, CO/Charlotte, NC (April 14, 2008) – The Colours Television Network, Big Vision Entertainment, Inc. and the National Wrestling Alliance® has agreed to assign the “NWA™ Wrestling Showcase” television program to a new night and time. Starting this Saturday, April 19th and every Saturday after, the “Showcase” will be presented at 6:00/3:00 PM and a replay on Sunday’s at the same time.

Robert K. Trobich, Executive Director of the National Wrestling Alliance® said: “It’s great to return to such a historic television time slot. For many, many years Saturday’s at 6:00 PM was NWA™ wrestling time and I am very please that the executives at Colours TV worked with us to allow our program to be broadcasted at that time.”

Damon L. Purdy, Creative Director, Colours TV stated: “Since its premiere on our network, the NWA™ programming has been very successful and has brought many new viewers to our channel. It is our goal to make Saturday nights at 6:00 PM E.S.T. an exciting night for pro wrestling fans.”

In an effort to satisfy our loyal NWA™ fans, the NWA™ and Colours TV will re-broadcast the last three weeks of the “Showcase.” “This move will allow new viewers to get acquainted with the characters and situations. We want everyone to understand who and what the NWA™ is,” said Purdy.

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