NWA Wrestling Showcase Episode 2

The 2nd Episode of the NWA Showcase is now available to the internet audience at large. The episode was originally set to air Feb. 6th however, ColoursTV aired Episode 2 from last season. David Marquez commented on the Alliance Message Board that “Yes, seems like the network ran the wrong tape 2. Sorry guys! Its not what we want either. Just found out right now.” When asked if the video would be on-line Marquez replied with “We can’t just “put it online”, our deal with them is that they have the rights to air the program first, then we can upload it on a delay. “Its” not that easy. This happened on a Friday, after closing hours and there was nothing I could do…”

Episode 2 features: Joey Ryan Vs Willie Mack, Tito Aquino & Liger Rivera Vs Trevor Murdock &
Lance Cade, Espiritu Inturnal & Sidareal Vs The Boarder Patrol, Khan Kussion Vs Tristan Gallo, and in the Main Event Derrick Sanders Vs NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion: Blue Demon.

To check it out click here Episode 2

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