NWA Wrestling Presents: A Tribute to Paul Boesch Part I

Part I of the National Wrestling Alliance’s Tribute to Paul Boesch which aired May, 2013 on ABC in Houston, features exclusive interviews with Paul’s wife, Valerie Boesch and son Joey, NWA President, R. Bruce Tharpe and NWA Vice President, Chris Ronquillo. The first half of this program also features the widely regarded NWA Lone Star JR. Heavyweight Title match between challenger Raymond Rowe and champion Mike Dell.

The program was produced by Diet Productions in association with the National Wrestling Alliance and Walker Texas Lawyer.

Directors: Stephen Benavides & Matt Topolski
Produced by: Diet Productions
Executive Producer: James Walker
Narrated by: Matt Topolski
Special Thanks to: The Boesch Family, the Boesch Library, R. Bruce Tharpe, Chris Ronquillo, and James Walker


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