NWA Wrestling comes to the Ohio Fair Grounds.

Columbus Wrestling fans you don’t want to miss Live Pro Wrestling presented by the National Wrestling Alliance, Sunday August first at the Ohio Fair Ground, featuring talent from TNA Wrestling, NWA Anarchy, NWA Main Event and a NWA World Championship match. All these matches for the low price of $10 for General Admission and $15 for Ringside. 

The Main Event for the card will be none other than “The Universal Solider” Phil Shatter (who is currently the NWA National Champion) will take on NWA Worlds Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce.  Shatter, who appears regularly for TNA as a member of security, has made his goal to be the next NWA World Champion.  Pearce isn’t ready to give up his championship and these two are no strangers to each other.  Adam Pearce lost to Phil Shatter in Charlotte earlier this year, the match was for a NWA Worlds Title shot later down the road.  Pearce later admitted to over looking Shatter in route to his World Title Match, having a re-match clause, with Blue Demon.  Both of these men have appeared on Alliance Radio and talked about their mutual respect for each other.  Adam Pearce defeated Blue Demon Jr. and Phil Shatter in a Three Way Elimination match in again in Charlotte.  Ever since Shatter was announced as the Number 1 contender, Pearce has been trying to distract and injure the National Champ.  Having his manager, Jeff G. Bailey and former tag team partner Kimo attack Shatter.  The Champion finally will have to face the challenger August 1st in Ohio.  Make sure you are there.

Scott Steiner has been wrestling in Puerto Rico for the World Wrestling Council.  Steiner has even added World Wrestling Council Heavyweight Champion to his repertory.  Steiner accepted a blank contract for his return to the NWA, expecting to face a former NWA World Champion.  But nobody could have expected that come August 1st, Steiner would be facing  TNA Wrestling’s Abyss.  Abyss recently went berserk during his last TNA Match destroy both Jeff Hardy and Ken Anderson after the match.  These two men are no strangers to each other from their time spent in TNA.  

TNA’s Sharkboy will also be in attendance taking on former WWE Mike Posey.  Since leaving the WWE Posey has been wrestling in Tennesee and holds the NWA Alabama Jr. Heavyweight Championship.  NWA DAWG Pound Champion, Chance Prophet will be defending his championship against none other than NWA Mid-American Television Champion “No Mercy” Tommy Mercer.  

Also on the card

Kadeen Assad vs. “Hot Commodity” Matt Mason

Chrisjen Hayme and Ali vs. Jamin Olivecia and Corey Hollis

“Wild Thing” Will Owens vs. Paredyse

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