NWA Worlds Championship match taking place at PWL’s Renaissance

NWA Worlds Champion, The Sheik’s spreads his brand of devastation all across the World. Fresh from wrestling in ZERO1 and HUSTLE, the globetrotter makes his debut in for Pro Wrestling Lachine (PWL) as he brings the NWA Worlds Championship back to Canada.
A match that has been in the making for months. The Sheik was set to face the Son of Abdullah as part of a four way match in New York for Pro Wrestling Syndicate. Fans of the National Wrestling Alliance might be more familiar with the Son of Abdullah from his brief work at NWA On Fire.  SOA is also very familiar with former NWA North American Champion, Dru Onyx.
The fireball hurling, spike wielding, camel clutch specialist will face off against the fork stabbing, human wrecking ball in what promises to be a gory encounter. Maybe less of a wrestling match and more like a war of epic proportions.

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