NWA Worlds Championship Match announced for Oct. 2011 at NWA Mountain State

Six months ago, the NWA Worlds Championship made its first appearance in NWA Mountain State.  Stro’s quest to become champion fell short, but the passion, desire, and fire did not.  The Maestro of Wrestling would continue on his path in NWA Mountain State, hoping for his next opportunity to face the Worlds Champion.  When The Stro learned that Pearce lost the title to Colt Cabana, he issued his challenge to Colt.  When Colt dropped the title to the Sheik, he too was challenged.  The Stro’s challenge went unanswered. 

However, the Stro was in attendance to see Adam Pearce regain his 4th NWA Worlds Championship Title.  And it seems the Stro was just earshot of the decree of the new champion.  “No Stone Unturned!”  “No challenge unanswered!”  The NWA Worlds Champion will be in West Virgina in October.  And the Stro will have a second chance at cementing his legacy.

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