NWA Worlds Champion Pearce responds to the Sheik

San Diego, CA – February 1, 2011
It seems three-time NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce has heard enough of the ‘Sheik’s’ arrogant chest-beating.
“More than one year ago, when Blue Demon, Jr. and Bob Trobich told ‘Sheik’ he wasn’t worthy of a title match, it’s because he wasn’t,” said Pearce via telephone from San Diego. “And a year later, the ‘Sheik’s’ obvious inferiority complex is becoming nauseating. The guy can’t seem to stop name dropping or talking about how “good” he is. It’s pathetic.”
When Pearce was asked about the Sheik’s championship reigns in Florida, the Midwest, and North America, and whether those titles have garnered the Sheik a position to ask for a championship match, Pearce flatly said, “Absolutely. And that brings me to my point in all of this. With the titles that ‘Sheik’ has held – whether or not he actually earned them – he should surely qualify for a shot at the World’s title, but to this point, he hasn’t had a match. Why do you think that is?”
Pearce was blunt in answering his own question. “He hasn’t gotten a shot because promoters outside of himself, his subordinates, and his buddies don’t want to work with him. The guy’s unprofessional, a liability, and he’s a political headache. Put it this way, I’ve had a standing offer to ANY NWA promoter since August (when Sheik hit Pearce in the back of the head with a chair in Charlotte, NC) to sign a match, and not a SINGLE promoter has stepped up. And I’m not going to sit back and watch ‘Sheik’ issue press release after press release citing racism and any other [expletive] he can make up to hide the facts. It’s ridiculous.”
The champion continued, “He says he was ‘banned’ from NWA television for attacking me? [Laughs] He’d be wise not to make up wild stories to try and explain to people online why that happened. And I also find it insulting personally that in today’s professional wrestling – in 2011 – we have a man using racism in an attempt to promote himself. And while I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at that from a man calling himself a ‘Sheik’, I am surprised that the Board of Directors in the NWA would somehow think it’s a good idea.”
Pearce was also frank in his assessment of the Sheik as a wrestler. “I have respect for his ability,” said Pearce, “And on that alone you’d think he could get a championship match. But unfortunately for him, there’s more to it than simply what he’s capable of in the ring. There’s a business side to all of this that he hasn’t figured out yet. There’s more to this than beating your own drum and stirring up [expletive] to make your own world go ‘round. If ‘Sheik’ could only step back and allow himself to learn a little something about humility and professionalism, I’m sure a promoter out there would have given him his shot at me long ago.”
I asked Pearce if he’d sign a championship match against the Sheik and his response was without hesitation and crystal clear.
“Once again, this is my personal message to the NWA, its promoters, and its fans,” said Pearce. “I stand by my offer to ANY promoter ANYWHERE in the world that wants to host a World Title match at ANYTIME between myself and ‘Sheik’. I will put wrestling’s most prestigious championship on the line in ANY type of match, and if I haven’t already, it will be my pleasure to look him eye-to-eye and unequivocally prove to him, the fans, and the NWA who is worthy of holding the ‘ten pounds’, and most importantly…who isn’t.”
Adam Pearce is the three-time and reigning NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, and his tenure as champion has just passed Orville Brown, the first NWA champion, for tenth all-time. He can be reached via 

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