NWA Worlds Champion: Continues the "One Last Ride" Tour

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion has defended the “Legendary 10lbs of Gold” has been on the line, nine times since July 31st.  And the man who has walked away with the belt after each match is the four time Worlds Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce.  With a combination of working in West Virgina for NWA Mountain State last weekend, working the Wrestling Revolution Project this week, and two more victories on the road in Texas this past weekend it is clear, Pearce has left no stone unturned on the “One Last Ride” Tour. After piledriving Jaykus Plisken Friday Night for NWA Houston and their “See No Evil, Speak No Evil” event, Pearce was welcomed into Brownsville place in what would seem like a no win situation. 

But with his back against the wall it was a school boy that would give Pearce the one-two-three.  Even with a ring surround by lumberjacks and The Legendary Greg “The Hammer” Valentine appointed as special guest referee, Pearce defeated Ben Galvan.  And now with only five days of rest in between, “Scrap Iron” Must show how tough he truly is, by facing off against a true under dog in Nick Lovin at SoCal Pro Wrestling’s A Rumble in Oceanside 2011and the next day face off against The West Coast Wrestling Connections’s Dr. Kliever. 

Here are the dates schedule for Adam Pearce’s “One Last Ride Tour” coming to your area.
10/22/2011 vs. Nic Lovin – Oceanside CA. USA – SoCal Pro
10/23/2011 vs. Dr. Kliever – Salem OR USA..- West Coast Wrestling Connection
10/28/2011 vs. Danny Garnell – Tonbridge, Kent, UK NWA Hammerlock
10/30/2011 vs. Zack Sabre Jr. – Basildon, Essex, UK NWA Hammerlock
11/05/2011 vs. Jeremy Wyatt – Kansas City, KS. USA – Metro Pro Wrestling

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