NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce will face Colt Cabana in a non title match.

It seems that Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has garnered the attention of promoters around the world.  Apparently stars from NWA Pro Wrestling have been invited to take part in the Independent Wrestling League’s September 4th showcase from Mexico.  Joining a Main Event featuring Canek taking on Albreije with Cuije, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s “Boom Boom” Colt Cabana and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce.  The two will be facing off, in a non-title match-up, but could this be a precursor of things to come in the National Wrestling Alliance?  At the television taping, Colt proclaimed he would be challenging for the NWA World Championship.  I was able to catch up
with the World Champion earlier this morning and this is what he had to say… 

Colt Cabana, you’ve known me for 12 or 13 years, and you don’t know how I operate by now? Are you really that much of an idiot? When I signed on to go back into Mexico, that God forsaken hell-hole, I didn’t know you were going to be my opponent.

Then, two weeks ago, I find out it is you, and I started getting exciting. I think I wrestled you in your second or third match, and here we are, going international together. It was exciting.

But then you got stupid. Last Wednesday at the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood television taping, you took it upon yourself to PUBLICLY call me out. As if I don’t have enough bullets flying my way from all kinds of people, you decide it’s the right time to do the same.


I love you; and you’ve been a great friend. That’s all over now. You want what I have, you have to earn it. Ask Danielson and Haas and Shatter and Waltman. Ask the long list of other guys out there with out a ‘name’ like you and those guys. I won’t relent. I won’t give in. And as it pertains to you this Saturday in Mexico, I won’t put the title on the line.

Beat me and MAYBE you have a claim. Until then you have a boatload of history on me you can look to for help.

Because that’s exactly what you’re gonna need.

You made yourself another enemy, and you of all people should know what I’m capable of.

This match up will take places this Saturday in Mexico. Adam defended the title a total of five times in the month of August.  Colt although a returning face to NWA Pro Wrestling has remained active in Ring of Honor.  Joining Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana this Saturday night in Mexico, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s Lizzy Valentine teams up with the New York Knockout Nikki as they take on Flor Metalica and La Chola.  And more.

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