NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce defeats Silas Young and a Sheik

The Worlds Most “Fightingest” Champion marched upon his old stomping grounds to defend the Legendary 10lbs of Gold against two double tough opponents. Since winning the championship July 31st in Ohio, Pearce has taken the title all over the United States and the UK as part of the champ’s “One Last Ride Tour.”
On Saturday Night Pearce squared off against a former NWA Midwest Champion Silas Young.  Young and Pearce battle back and forth, with neither man gaining a clear advantage.  The action got out of control and the referee stopped the match.  Both men frustrated by the outcome directed their frustrations and punished the referee.  The two are scheduled to face each other again in two weeks in Green Bay Wisconsin. 
Then on Sunday at the ICW Legends Night, Pearce faced off against the Sheik Ariya Divari.  Pearce was successful in defeating Daviari.  This weekend would mark Pearce’s 15th &16th defense, where he would remain champion.  The Worlds Champion heads to Canada next weekend and then its back to Wisconsin  to finish business with Young, before coming home to face Shaun Ricker at NWA Hollywood.

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