NWA World Tag Team Champions Become Double Champions | NWA NEWS

Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf won the NWA World Tag Team Championships at NWA 73. Following their title victory over Stevens and Kratos, La Rebelion made a promise. They promised to leave the NWA in search of competition. That they would not return to defend the tag team titles until a worthy competitor emerged. True to their word, the champions left for Mexico. La Rebelion have competed twice in the Crash. They have also competed for DEFY.

In many ways, The Crash is home to La Rebelion. On Friday, November 5th, they won the Crash Tag Team Titles for a second time. Mecha Wolf and Bestia had to outlast 3 other tag teams. Funny Bone and Super Beast, Los Mercenarios, and the Crash Tag Team Champions Los Traumas. Los Traumas won the tag titles from La Rebelion in February 2020.

The Tag Team Champions will defend at Hard Times 2, December 4th, 2021 from Atlanta Georgia. The Finals of the tag team tournament to crown a number one contender will happen between Hawx Aerie and The End. Whoever emerges victorious will square up with La Rebelion. The next event for La Rebelion after the NWA tapings will be on November 11th in Cathedral City, California for a Masked Republic event.

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