NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Has gold, will travel.

NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Craig Classic has been on a tear defending the championship world wide. Classic has defended against some of the best names in the world, defeating Tony Kozina in Illinois, Erik Scorpion in Puerto Rico, and Munenori Sawain Tokyo. 
Classic has defended the title more in the few months he’s held the title than the previous champion had in a few years.  But Classic isn’t resting on his laurels.  With confirmed dates in May for NWA DAWG, NWA Vintage, and World-1, Classic is also actively seeking future dates in Southern California, returns to Japan and Puerto Rico and taking the title to Chile.  Classic also has a huge match up against Lince Dorado for NWA Florida’s Subtle Hustle on April 23rd. 
The young champion has been steadfast in proving that he is the best Junior Heavyweight wrestler in the World and plans to prove it against any wrestler any where.  You can follow the World Jr. Champion on facebook or twitter. for his upcoming dates, booking information, and updates from the Junior Champ

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