NWA World Jr. Champion Craig Classic heading towards a Tornado, twice!

NWA World Jr. Champion Craig Classic has already established himself as a major player in the National Wrestling Alliance in a very short time.  Classic won the NWA World Jr. Championship by defeating Mike Quackenbush in November 2010 at the Pro Wrestling Fusion iPPV November Coming Fire.  Since then, Classic has had successful defenses against Milo Beasley, Tommy Vandal, and even  traveled to Puerto Rico to defeat Erik Scorpion.  It was even announced with much anticipation that Classic would return to his home away from home in Japan to wrestle for ZERO1, by defending his championship against Munenori Sawa.  But before Classic can appear in ZERO1 for their Tenth Anniversary Show, he must defeat another former champion, not once… but twice.

“Tornado” Tony Kozina became the NWA World Jr. Champion only after three full years in the business.  Kozina has made his name all across the United States in true Territorial Fashion, spending time in Southern California, Washington and Vancover, moving to the Midwest, but really making every where he went, his home.  Aside from training Kyle O’Riley, Kozina has been known for a long time being a true professional and elevating the talent he works with.  But now, 11 years after defeating Vince Kaplack, Tony Kozina finds himself again in the underdog position, but this Friday and Saturday, Kozina finds himself with a wealth of opportunity.  He only has to pin or submit Classic once to punch his ticket to ZERO1 and reclaim his past glory with the NWA.  Craig Classic has to defeat the veteran to ensure he will be representing the World Jr. Championship in Japan.  We’ll find out soon, who will face Sawa.

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