NWA World Championship Match is the 23rd Most Important Moment of 2010

Have you checked out the most recent issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated? Once it gets delivered to your mail box or you pick it up at your nearest newstand, grocery store, or where ever you procure your wrestling magazines make sure you flip to page 66.  The 2010 Midyear Report list 50 of Top Stories of 2010.  But what will stare at you is #23.  Which would be the story of “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce regaining the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship title at NWA New Beginnings in Charlotte, North Carolina.  You remember the date don’t you?  March 14th.  After previously losing to the National Champion Phil Shatter a month prior, Adam Pearce stepped into a match with two of the NWA’s finest.  But lets go back a little further…
October 25th, 2008 Mexico City, Mexico with a hostile crowd booing his every action and Pearce was taking everything Blue Demon Jr. could give him.  And to a chorus of cheers, Blue Demon mounted a comeback.  It wasn’t a bulldog that would do in Pearce, nor an arm breaker.  It was an illegal Scorpion Death Lock, that’s right.  Pearce’s arm was underneath the rope, which usually would break the hold.  The referee didn’t not break the hold.  Adam Pearce was robbed.  What in any other NWA ring would have been a disqualification for the challenger, Blue Demon Jr. was awarded the title.  
Pearce waited patiently for his re-match.  The NWA Showcase, came and gone and Pearce’s pleas go ignored.  The Big Event in Tyler Texas and Pearce’s challenge is ignored.  After defeating another former champion Brent Albright, Pearce’s challenge goes ignored.
Pearce having a re-match clause, winning a Number 1 contender’s match, and evening adding the NWA British Commonwealth Championship, to earn additional consideration all accumulated on March 14th.  Even though Pearce wasn’t giving a one on one match up with Blue Demon, even though the cards were stacked against him with a hungry Phil Shatter added to the match up, Adam Pearce did what nobody else could do.  Adam Pearce took the NWA Worlds Championship off of Blue Demon Jr. and made history for the third time.  On behalf of the National Wrestling Alliance, Blue Demon Jr., “The Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter, Adam Pearce, Greg Price, the fine folks of Charlotte who witnessed history, the NWA Championship Committee, NWA Executive Director Robert K. Trobich, and the Legendary 10lbs of Gold and Leather, I thank you Pro Wrestling Illustrated, for recognizing the importance of Adam Pearce’s 3rd Reign to the world of pro-wrestling and the legend that match up will forever leave.

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