NWA World Champion Knocked Out

Photo Courtesy of Christine Coons.
NWA Legends Fan Fest
Executive Director of the National Wrestling Alliance, Bob Trobich, was in utter disbelief over the ability of NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce who not only recovered from a sneak attack from the Sheik that left the Worlds Champion knocked out, but actually stepped into the ring at such a severe attack. “Holy Crap… He was out COLD yesterday. Just unbelievable,” is what Bob told Alliance-Wrestling about the incident. NWA DAWG representative Jaden spoke to me last night and said “It was pretty scary. Pearce received medical attention ringside and we weren’t even sure if a match was going to happen.”  
“Scrap Iron” has proven that his aptly titled nickname has never fit more.  Pearce has already worked a grueling schedule the past few weeks defending the NWA Worlds Title back to back on July 31st in Los Angeles, California and August 1st in Columbus Ohio.  In Ohio, Phil Shatter frustrated in the outcome of Pearce wining the match up, Powerbombed the World Champion after the match up was over.  August 7th, Adam Pearce faced his biggest challenge since regaining the championship in the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson.  And Danielson went on to lose after being stuffed with one of Pearce’s Piledrivers.   But last night the Madman from the Middle East took out some of his own frustrations on the Worlds Champion.  I attempted to reach out to the Sheik to find out why, he would attack the Worlds Champion?  All I heard from the Shiek’s handlers is that he was unavailable for comment, but there will be a statement made this Wednesday.  Perhaps Sheik’s real statement was made Sunday Night.  Obviously Adam wasn’t in a very good mood.  But he did have this to say… “I’m fine… The Sheik will pay for what he’s done. He f—ed with the wrong man.”
The implications of this attack will be felt much longer than Sunday’s match up.  Because it is only seven days before Adam is still scheduled to defend against Charlie Haas!  Ken Taylor sent me this message earlier this morning.  “I wish no injury to anyone but it is part of the business,” said Haas after learning of the injury via phone, Monday morning. “I don’t like the situation because now when he loses he can say it was because he wrestled still injured from his last match.  I don’t want my greatest moment tarnished, so I hope he fully recovers by Saturday because I want to face and beat a 100% Adam Pearce.” 
Pearce was able to continue the match and the fight even when the Sheik interjected himself again in causing the match to become a no contest.  Pearce shook hands with Phil Shatter at the end of the match.  Everyone at Alliance-Wrestling wish the champion a speedy recovery and look forward to his match up with Charlie Haas August 14th in Gainsville Texas, for NWA Southwest’s Parade of Champions X.

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