NWA World Champion Adam Pearce to defend title in Canada for WFX Wrestling

Former WWE Superstar Bam Neely, Michael Strider, Joey Ryan, Sean Waltman, Phil Shatter, and even WWE US Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan are just a few of the wrestlers to suffer losses at the hands of the NWA World Champion.  Adam Pearce hasn’t been shy about accepting the challenges of wrestlers be in and out of the NWA, even WWE, and now WFX.
WFX Wrestling announced today that they have come to terms with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce, and he will be taking part of the WFX event titled “Conflict of Interest: Too the Extreme.”  October 1st at 111 Chevrier Blvd., in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The doors open at 6pm with a bell time of 7pm.  Tickets are $20.  WFX, has slowly becoming one of the top wrestling promotions in Canada in the past year.  WFX Wrestling features a mix of Pro-Wrestling and Reality TV Celebrities.  With a roster of wrestlers like Kip formerly known as Billy Gunn, Gangrel, Bob Holly, Thorn formerly known as Kevin Thorn, and NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion Charlie Haas.  “Adam Pearce will be defending the NWA World Championship at ‘CONFLICT OF INTEREST: TO THE EXTREME’ as of now that is what we know and we’ve agreed to.” Asserts Jeff Dyck, WFX CEO.  Dyck added, “We’re very fortunate to have the NWA World Championship defended in WFX, it’s an honor and a pleasure.  Adam Pearce’s wrestling abilities are immeasurable, and we hope that he will be tested and hopefully defeated in a WFX ring.”  Pearce will be defending the NWA World Championship against “The First Nations Sensation” Wavell Starr who has recovered from a major surgery he had several months ago, and could win the World Championship in his first match back in action.
When reached, Adam Pearce had this to say “It’s an honor to become a member of the WFX family and to bring the NWA title back to the people of Canada.  I will defend the title against top WFX contenders starting on October 1 against Wavell Starr, and then fulfill whatever other obligations the WFX front office needs.  This is a new chapter for me, and I’m very excited to begin it!”
This would mark the second time this year that Pearce has had a title defense in Manitoba as he defended the title against “Hot Shot” Danny Duggan back in July.

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