NWA West Coast Wrestling Connection– Weekend Recap

What an exciting weekend of Pro Wrestling action!!!! For those that missed out, the last two nights saw many ups and downs in the WC. Every single title in the NWA’s WC was defended at least once. We saw Gorgeous Michelle Starr pull out scheme after scheme from his bag of tricks to retain his NWA Northwest championship belt, thwarting the World’s Sexiest Doctor, not once but twice over this weekend. We saw Kliever battle valiantly against Michelle Starr in Gervais, only to turn around and have to fight his way through three former champion’s- “Main Event” Moose Morrow, “The Lone Wolf” Erik Baeden, and Ryan Taylor- just to get his hands on Michelle Starr again. Michelle and his cohorts were in top form, not only robbing Kliever of his chance to win the Northwest Championship, but also costing fan favorite, Nick Madrid, to lose his Lightning Division Title to TKO Cody Smith. When all was said and done though, Michelle Starr was suspended for one month do to his heinous actions. Nick Madrid was very vocal though in assuring the champion that when he returns from his suspension in May, Madrid will be waiting for him. And in the surprising moment of the night, the newly formed Can Am Experience shocked everyone by defeating not only Eric Right and Ethan HD, but also the tag team champions Love American Style to become the new NWA Northwest Tag Team Champions.

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