NWA Week In Review for Mar. 21st

While some sports are marching to some sort of madness the NWA is heading into spring with a bevy of Anniversary Shows. The first being from the Southwest, as Ken Taylor celebrates 11 years Unfortunately things have started off on the wrong foot already as Michael Faith the near 400lbs Texas Champion broke his leg. The main event for the show will be Mike DiBiase putting his North American championship on the line again against Kevin Northcutt. Northcutt a former National Champion and World Tag Champion will be taking a second shot at his nemesis DiBiase. The card will also feature Lance Cade and a crowning of a new Texas Heavyweight Champion.

7 Years ago Bart Kapitzke started the Alternative Wrestling Show. Bart started of using famed talent from the ground breaking indy promotion Revolution Pro and free-lance luchadores from Mexico. In its 7 years Bart has booked some of the most notable names in Indy wrestling, everyone from Super Dragon to American Dragon, Adam Pearce to AJ Styles, Samoa Joe to CM Punk, Christopher Daniels to Adam Pearce. What’s really amazing about this story is that AWS was nearly shut down earlier this year. But it seems Bart has got things going in the right direction and will be “Getting Back To It.” The spectacular will feature the AWS Tag Team Champions the L.A. F***ers take on former NWA World Tag Team Champions Los Luchas. This will certainly be a fast paced match up. And the team of the Young Bucks and former AWS Champion Scorpio Sky will take on the team of The Ballard Brothers and Heritage Champion Ryan Taylor.

Bart and Ken have done much for their respective scene. However you would be hard press to find a wrestling promoter who has done as much for wrestling in the United States who has done as much as Les Thatcher The Les Thatcher hosted NWA Excellence event has already started last night. First with an open forum Q & A with Thather. Saturday and Sunday will feature in ring training sessions wtih the Top 4 Prospects getting a chance to appear on Anarchy Television.

JD Costello and the NWA Charlotte are showing us all that this is a family business. NWA Charlotte has featured referees of 3 generations of Young Family. They also feature the son of legendary Mid-Atlantic wrestler Gene Anderson, Brad Anderson. Brad will join son of legendary NWA wrestler Ric Flair, as David Flair and Brad Anderson will face off against Jeff Lewis and a Mystery Opponent. Also Abdullah the Butcher will be making an appearance to keep the peace as the quest continues to crown a new US Heavyweight Champion.

On Friday the 13th their was a punch heard around the world. Shane Douglas he has seemingly attempted to apologize to the NWA and specifically Rick O was treated to an old fashioned beat down. Douglas who had just defeated Little Guido apologized for throwing the NWA title to the ground. Was giving praise for his beaten opponent Little Guido. His regret came too little too late for Danny Inferno, Dave Greco, and Don Montoya. Don began by explaining that “Not only did he throw a belt in the garbage but he threw the entire NWA locker room in there also”. How by killing the NWA he killed a lot of careers and hard work to make the NWA/ECW relationship work.” Shane again tried to say he was sorry when Danny Inferno Said this one is for Coralluzzo and blasted Shane with a right hand that sent the former world champion to the canvas. Greco and Montoya joined in and the beating was on. Former ECW alumnist Danny Doring and Little Guido hit the ring and made the save as the show ended. This war isn’t over. In fact it might just be starting.

Lastly we end this Week In Review on a down side. The NWA Showcase has been experiencing some technical difficulties. The next two episodes of the Showcase will be “repeats.” If you’ve missed any of the episodes of the showcase be sure to check out http://NWAWrestling.com or check out past episodes. On the blog we also have links to various NWA members video programs, like NWA Charlotte, IZW’s IMPULSE, Anarchy TV, and NWA Cyberslam.

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