NWA Week in Review for Jan. 31st

The National Wrestling Alliance announced it will again return to running arena shows starting March 2nd South Dakota. David Marquez had announced earlier this week on the Alliance Message Board that the NWA did intend to run arena shows in March. Arena shows featuring the NWA Showcase talent started in 2006 and have been an integeral part of the NWA. This anouncement coinsides with NWA partnering with MyUTV, the My Network TV Affiliate in South Dakota, in bringing the Showcase to that local market. “We’ve made a deal with them to run our program to support this (and hopefully other) dates. Our programming has been on other network affiliates in the past,” David Marquez posted recently on The Alliance message board. David Marquez also mentioned the NWA is actively looking at other stations to partner with to bring its style of wrestling to more local markets while still broadcasting on Colours TV.

Empire Wrestling Federation says goodbye to TJ Perkins. The former Heritage Champion and former EWF Tag Team Champion was bested by his former tag team partner, Liger Rivera in a Loser Leaves Town Match. Perkins and Rivera, formerly Famous for Fearless had won the tag titles as the ultimate underdogs by defeating the much larger La Ola Del Mal. Perkins achieved many honors this year with Rivera, Winning the EWF Tag Titles, Tag Team of the Year for 2008, And Feud of the Year for 2008. However Perkins had grown increasingly frustrated when Pearce lost his Heritage Championship to Ryan Taylor and later turning his back on Rivera after being defeated by the Young Bucks. Perkins attacked former Partner after losing the titles which led to the match that sent Perkins to hopefully greener pastures.

Alternative Wrestling Show owner Bart Kapitzke has sent word that AWS Action is slated to return March 22nd 2009. That date will mark the 7th year of the promotions existence. This has been a hard year for Alternative Wrestling Show and Alternative Wrestling Shop. AWS has canceled all live events, but will be running the Anniversary show. With that being said the Shop is still here and open for business. According to Bart “If you have not been to the store in the past two days, the complete inside has been re-done and it is now alot easier to find what you are looking for. Lot’s of figures and dvd’s have been marked down! So come on down and check it all out!” If you are not able to make it to the store, you can always make requests to Bart. AWS specializes in wrestling figures (Lucha and WWE), AWS DVDs, Lucha Libre Merchandise, and AWS Apparel.

Mach 1 Wrestling will be crowing a new champion in February. M1W front office announced that qualifying matches will take place to determine participants into a Battle Royal to crown the new honor. Already announced matches taking place on Jan. 29th are Devon Willis vs. Hurricane Marquez and Charles Mercury vs. Johnny Goodtime.

Tiger Mask IV was given a new championship belt, when he requested one. Tiger Mask is the 56th champion and defeated Low Ki for that honor earlier this month.

NWA Main Event returns to the Fair Grounds. Mike Porter announced that the NWA promoter and commissioner George Gulas will be bringing NWA Main Event Wrestling back to the Nick Gulas Sports Arena at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Main Event will continue to run at the Community Life Center on Feb. 7th. Porter posted that they are planning to bring in talent from NWA Anarchy as well as talent from West Virgina and Southern Indiana.

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