NWA Week in Review for Feb. 27th 2009

The month of February comes to an end and the National Wrestling Alliance Marches on.

The month of February was a very successful one our Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Blue Demon Jr. The Demon defended his title successfully in a match against El Dandy in Mexico. Retained his title by disqualification against Oliver John in Pro Wrestling Revolution’s latest event in California, and continued his feud with the Border Patrol on the NWA Showcase in a match against Derrick Sanders. Blue Demon Jr. has been on a role and it has just been announced that Blue Demon Jr. has been invited to the Ring of Honor super-show in Houston during Wrestlemania Weekend.
In recent weeks NWA Southwest and NWA Midwest were adding new associates left and right. THe NWA Midwest strived to further its influence by partnering with Pro Wrestling Fusion. THe gist of the the partnership is talent exchange and the agreement to start co-promoting events across the US, starting in Florida. The release mentions “Former Pro Wrestling Fusion Heavyweight Champion – The Sheik will be debuting in South Dakota and all over the Midwest as soon as March 1 and current Fusion Heavyweight Champion – Steve Madison will be accompanying The Sheik to the NWA Showcase television taping from Hollywood in California on March 7 & 8. The Sheik will also be appearing in NWA Midwest on April 24th in Waukesha, WI, and on April 25th in Madison, WI for NWA Midwest promoter Frank DeFalco of NWA Brew City.” This isn’t the first time that Ed Chuman and the NWA Midwest attempted to get a partnership with a Floridian Wrestling Promotion. April of last year, IWZ was suppose to “co-promote events” with the NWA. I don’t know what became of IWZ, their website is still intact, but it doesn’t look very updated. I think this union between PWF and the NWA will be beneficial to all parties involved.
The more things change, the more they stay the same. The World Famous ECW Arena, now going by the name The ARENA, was the host to the travesty of 1994. When Shane Douglas won the Worlds Championship, read its eulogy and proceeded to toss the title in the center of the ring. 15 years to the date, Shane Douglas is scheduled to debut for NWA On-Fire and the NWA will be returning to ECW arena.
NWA Charlotte will be running is third show. This show is to feature the National Heavyweight Champion Phil Shatter defending his title against former AWA World Champion Larry Zbysko.
And speaking about star power, Chris Masters makes his return to the NWA. Masters was instrumental in helping Brandon Gatson regain his 3rd EWF Heavyweight Championship. Gatson defeated Black Metal with a super-kick.
We’d also like to congratulate long time SoCal Wrestler Red Tornado James Morgan who bested the likes of Joey Ryan, Ryan Taylor, Aaron Aguilera, and Scott Lost to become the 1st ever M1Wrestling Champion.

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