NWA Week In Review for Feb 21st.

The NWA Week In Review is back and has this been a busy week for the Alliance. First we start off with The Heart Break Kid and WWE referee Marty Elias stopped by the School of Hard Knocks in San Bernardino, California. Marty is a former fixture of Southern California wrestling scene having refereed many of the promotions based in that area. While the EWF Wrestlers and students trained, Shawn Michaels offered advice. Even working with Candice LeRae, where she taught Shawn a few of her submission holds. Shawn was said to be impressed with LeRae. You might remember LeRae being destroyed by Amazing Kong last February on the NWA Showcase.

Last year Shawn Michaels retired Ric Flair. The freedom of Flair’s retirement has allowed him to make appearances for Independent promotions and a series of NWA events. WOOOOOOO!!! Ric Flair returns to the Mid-Atlantic this weekend. The 2008 Hall of Famer will be signing Autographs. Everyone who attends the autograph signing will also be in the front row for the Mid-Atlantic event this week. Joining Flair will be fellow Hall of Famers the Midnight Express, Rock ‘n’ Roll Express at the event in action.

The action doesn’t stop there, the NWA will be flexing its muscles all over this weekend. 12 shows across three countries including seven of the United States. In the UK, Scotland Wrestling Association will be in Johnstone to premier the SWAT Division. The participants must outlast each other to earn a title shot at the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship at the next show. In Saluda, Virgina NWA Fusion (formerly NWA Virgina) will feature a big main event between to former friends and former North American Tag Team Champions turned bitter rivals. NWA Continental Champion “Big Time” Mike Booth defends his title against “The Pain Train” Preston Quinn as the Old School Empire, explodes!!! Further down south, NWA Anarchy holds its bi-weekly television tapings. The big main event includes a WAR for the Tag Team Titles as New Wave takes on Talent and Money in a no disqualification match. NWA Southwest’s Pro Wrestling Federation will be in action in Amarillo and in Tenessee Main Event will be running at the Life Center and at the Wilson County Fair Grounds, Top Rope will be putting on a tag team title main event. In Australia, Explosive Pro Wrestling returns to Maylands to witness Davis Storm put his EPW Heavyweight Title on the line against Richter. Following NWA Pro members to California where will have several events in the state. SoCal Pro, based in San Diego will featuring a Steel Cage match between rivals SoCal Crazy (known on the Showcase as Sidareal.) Mach 1 Wrestling, based in Santa Ana will be crowning its first ever champion in a battle royal. Already confirmed for this event, Aaron Aguilera, former Heritage Champion TJ Perkins, the man that beat Perkins for the Heritage title, Ryan Taylor and 1/2 of the former NWA Tag Team Champions, Joey Ryan. In King City, Worlds Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr. is scheduled to wrestle “Old School” Oliver John. This would mark the second time these two have faced off, the first being at the Columbia Square Studios for the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood pilot.

Speaking of Hollywood, the NWA Showcase should air this weekend, check out NWAWrestling.com for Episode 1 & 2 and Episode 3 should be joining them soon. And if you want some new wrestling, check out NWA Cyberslam. NWA Cyberslam is the joint effort of NWA TopRope and Nashville Indy promotions USTO and ATL. The first episode is available on deman at www.championshipwrestling.tv/cyberslam.

Elsewhere in Nashville, Mike Porter announced that NWA Main Event has ended their relationship with the ION Affiliate in Nashville. Sometimes we felt that I hands were tied at ION as to what we could show and say on air. They are still in negotiations to release their show to a television audience. The Community Life Center, in Nashville, will still host tapings and will continue every Saturday. They will also return to the Fairgrounds monthly. And Porter also said that “this couple of weeks off will give us an opportunity to change the lighting in the building and put up drapes and even build an entrance way. Also we have ordered new equipment to update what we have and we will have that equipment in place within a few days. We are also upgrading our talent roster with the addition of several new wrestlers…” Porter posted on the Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board that they are planning to bring in talent from NWA Anarchy as well as talent from West Virgina and Southern Indiana. Porter also mentioned that the current roster will be updated.

NWA On-Fire has announced that they have come to terms with Shane Douglas. The man who disrespected the legacy of the NWA threw the Legendary 10lbs. of Gold down in the middle of an arena nearly 15 Years prior. Douglas is announced to be competing against Little Guido who competes somewhat regularly for NWA On-Fire.

Lastly the NWA Pro Wrestling associate Revolution Pro Wrestling will be returning to Las Vegas, April 13th, 14th and 15th. PWR will join the Cauliflower Alley Club to celebrate that past, present, and future of pro wrestling. Last year the event hosted matches featuring NOAH’s Go Shioaski versus PWR’s “Old School” Oliver John, along with Superstars of Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Ricky Landell. Gabe Ramirez has invited any talent interested in taking part in the show, spots are filling up fast, so please contact info@prowrestling-revolution.com.

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