NWA Week in Review for Feb. 14th

Like cupids arrow we are being shot through the heart of this weeks NWA news. This is the week in review for February 14th, 2009.

The Worlds Heavyweight Title is scheduled to be defended at the El Rancho Restaurant in Tepotzotlan, MX. This is the second of many efforts to bring affordable wrestling action to the fans of Mexico. It is well known that Mexico is suffering from the harsh economic conditions and this is NWA Mexico’s effort in trying to make their style of Lucha Libre more accessible to the fine people of Mexico. Blue Demon Jr. will take on rival El Dandy. When asked about the qualifications of El Dandy in receiving a title show, legendary 2nd generation wrestler Bret Hart had this to say, “Who are you, to doubt El Dandy!” Sorry folks, that joke will never get old for me.

Speaking of the champ, Blue Demon Jr.’s appearance on the Showcase 09 took place yesterday on ColoursTV. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you’d know that the match was made available earlier this week on NWAWrestling.com. Demon defends against Border Patrol member Derrick Sanders. The card also features the Showcase debut of Cade and Murdock, Joey Ryan, Tristan Gallo, and Adam Pearce bullies poor David Marquez.

Controversy, confusion, and perhaps a little hard feelings were the sentiment in Music City this week. Apparently NWA Main Event and associate NWA Top Rope couldn’t even agree to disagree as Main Event’s promoter, Mike Porter claimed that only his television taping in Nashville was the only sanctioned NWA event last week. However, Top Rope promoter Mike Sircy, who recently created NWA Cyberslam, which is a union of the NWA Top Rope Promotion with Tennessee Indy promotions USWO and ATL begs to differ. “This taping is a NWA Top Rope Production. The internet show will be called NWA Cyberslam. So I would have to say this portion of the night would be a sanctioned NWA Show,” claimed a representative from Top Rope. That night of action did see the crowning of a new Cyberslam Champion in Kliff Hanger who defeated JD Fluffy, Raul Loco, and LT Falk in a tournament to gain the crown. Porter’s group ran a television taping for its Weekly action on Nashville’s ION Network.

Brandon K has to be at least nominated for the Worst Tag Team Partner Award. Brandon K and Sterling James Keenan became the North American Tag Team Champions by defeating the Wrong Crowd last year. Aside from a handful of defenses K and Keenan hadn’t really had that much competition. Brandon K had focused his energies on former National Champion Crusher Hansen. While Champion, Hansen evaded K for months. Finally being pinned in a match against Brandon that featured 4 other competitors. Brandon K thought he won the National Title before an executive decision gave the title back to Hansen. Hansen was later defeated by NWA Anarchy’s Phil Shatter. Ok back to why K is a terrible partner, he puts up his partners half of the tag team title against Hansen’s rematch against Shatter. If Hansen wins, he keeps his shot at the National Title and becomes Brandon K’s new partner. If K wins, SJK keeps his spot in the tag team and K gets a show at Shatter. In the infamous words of some fan at the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood tapings “[Brandon K] you’re a bum!” This all goes down today at the Valentine’s Day Massacre for NWA East.

Earlier in the year we reported that TJ Perkins lost a loser leaves town match in the NWA Pro associate EWF. When it seems that Perkins isn’t just leaving the town, that he’s actually leaving the state. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla broke the news about Perkins last match as a SoCal Resident against long time foil B-Boy at the PWG’s Express Written Consent takes place Saturday, February 21. Perkins has been a foundation of the wrestling scene in So-Cal not only being a start attraction, but also trainer to many of the new talents. Perkins will be missed. There is speculation that TJ Perkins will be moving to Florida. This could be great news for our NWA fans on the East Coast. If you get a chance to catch a Perkins match, do it.

Lastly this week I got some clarification from Mr. Bill Behrens, about the NWA House Shows that were ran at the end of the year. “The three events were to be co-promoted with the [venues],” said NWA Promoter Bill Behrens. To my knowledge these were the first events that were not promoted in conjunction with the NWA Pro Wrestling promotion. The first Ohio show was headlined by Trevor Murdock vs. Pepper Parks. Murdock had already worked some dates with NWA Pro/NWA Southwest as a challenger to Brent Albright’s Worlds Championship. Parks continues to work for the NWA Empire promotion with working some dates with the NWA Showcase television show and is a former National Heavyweight Champion. The second big event in Ohio was headlined by Al Snow vs. Pepper Parks. The third event which was to take place in Michigan was canceled because of low ticket sales. That event was to see Mike Quackenbush defend his Junior Heavyweight title against Shannon Moore and the Skull Krushers were to defend their belts against the Phoenix Twins. Unfortunately these shows were not taped. However Behrens assured me that these won’t be the last efforts of running these house shows in larger venues.

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