NWA-WCW Wrestling 3/26/88

I’ll be continuing coverage of the CWA, but I felt like changing it up a little. We’ll be looking at the March twenty-sixth edition of NWA-WCW. Let’s get started!

Sheepherders vs Bowman & Wagner

The Sheepherders maintained their dominance throughout the match. The team of Bowman, and Wagner had absolutely no response to their attacks. This was a solid opening match.

Al Perez vs Alan Martin

Perez wins using a spinning leglock. It’s a squash match, but it was an excellent display of Perez’s abilities in the ring.

Fantastics vs Ligon & Atkinson

The Fantastics are definitely a fan favorite. Ligon had trouble getting anything going, and Atkinson has had the same fate thus far. Ligon starts to fight back, but that doesn’t last very long. The Fantastics have taken control of the match once again. Fantastics win.

Mike Rotunda & Rick Steiner w/ Kevin Sullivan vs Angel & Stallion

Good exchange so far, but the Stallion has been on the losing end of it. The Stallion manages to tag in his partner, but this doesn’t change much. The Varsity Club still has plenty of momentum, whereas they have nothing but hope. The Rick Steiner, and Kevin Sullivan beat Angel outside of the ring while the referee was distracted. This aren’t going well for the team of Angel, and Stallion. The Varsity Club wins. I really enjoyed this match.

Ron Simmons vs David Diamond

This was a pretty standard match, but it was good. Diamond never had a chance.

Sting vs Max Mcgyver

Sting didn’t waste anytime in the ring. The match ends by submission, Sting is your winner.

Midnight Express vs K. Windham & Collie

Cornette’s running his mouth on commentary, while the Midnight Express beat on Windham. Collie tried to get something going, but his luck ran out quickly. The Midnight Express wins.

Big Green Machine vs El Negro

The Green Machine looks like a homemade Halloween costume from the 1950s. This match is a good display of wrestling fundamentals, but I have no idea why it’s the match before the main event. After a series of elbow drops, the Big Green Machine wins.

Jimmy Garvin & Shane Douglas vs Jackson & Pritts

Very good exchange between the teams so far. Garvin, and Douglas win.



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