NWA: Warzone 13 Recap

NWA: Warzone 13 featuring NWA: Warzone Champion KrackerJak and “Pitbull” Craig Cole vs. Wayne the Maniac Mattei and Mike Petersen, Esteban Molina (in his final match in Australia) vs. PCW National Champion Daniel Swagger, Tre’s open challenge (answered by Mad Dog!!!) and much, much more, coming soon to DVD!

NWA Warzone 13 was shot in full HD from five different camera angles, and will be available for purchase shortly! Check out this sneak preview at the highlights from the event, and stay tuned to www.facebook.com/warzonewrestlingau for all the latest updates heading into Warzone 14 at the Berwick Performing Arts Centre on October 27th! Book your tickets now, because all 2012 Warzone events have sold out in advance, and Warzone 14 will be headlined by a Steel Cage Match pitting bitter rivals COLT CABANA and current NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion (as of this writing) ADAM PEARCE against one another!

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