NWA Vintage’s Atticus Reign joins Alliance Radio with Kirby Mack Dec. 21st 8PM EST

You demanded it. The last time Kirby Mack joined the Alliance, it was one of the top rated podcast in Alliance History. And we spent as much time talking baseball as we did talking wrestling.  Well this time Kirby is back, but this time around he will be in a co-host position. Were still talking about your NEW ADDICTION, but Kirby and Jay will welcome the newest member of the New Jersey branch of the NWA, Atticus Reighns of NWA Vintage.
Over the years the State of New Jersey has been home to many famous pro-wrestling matches. And over the years there have been several NWA promotions representing the Garden State and 2010 would see three, active promotions, NWA Force One, NWA Dawg Pound, and NWA Vintage. Atticus Reighns would present his first NWA sanctioned event in September of 2010 featuring some of the best talents from New Jersey including talents from Force One and DAWG. In 2011 Atticus has plans to put on more shows and honor the history and tradition of the NWA.  Will be talking to Atticus about the creation of NWA Vintage, and what’s next for the promotion.  If you have questions for Atticus or Kirby you can call in and talk wrestling.
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