NWA Vintage Pro Results

Credit: The Bloodhound
Millennium Skate World, Camden, NJ Sunday September 12
NWA Vintage Pro made its debut this past Sunday before a small but loud group of fans in Camden, NJ. Doing battle against the Eagles and an already packed wrestling weekend, NWA Vintage Pro pulled out a great opening show for those in attendance.
The opening match saw Niles Young against Johnny Gargano. Young offered his hand to Gargano in a supposed show of Italian Paisano friendship but of course it was merely a ruse to gain the advantage. The contest saw a lot of back and forth between the two but in the end, Gargano went down to the evil shenanigans of Young.
Next up saw the true comedy match highlight of the year as Greg Excellent took on Johnny Calzone, the wild and crazy Pizza Guy. If you are into just all out hilarious shtick in your wrestling, this match is worth the price of a DVD alone. Those who missed this missed probably the best laughs they would have had in decades. Highlights included both men crashing to the canvas and the force of that crash knocking referee Jimmy Clydesdale straight up through the ropes and out of the ring. To “make up” for their unathletic show in the ring, both men chose to show off their athletic prowess by having a footrace to the concession stand. The sight of Calzone trying desperately to clear the skating rinks waist high wall and then getting stuck there had the crowd roaring with laughter. After more hilarious hijinks ensued, Excellent took it home with the win.
The next match was a four way featuring Justin Roberts, Problem Child, Tommy Force and NWA Dawg Pound Champion Chance Prophet. Prophet brought a skull to the ring with him that he claimed was his uncle. He spoke to his uncle for advice before the match until one of the other three decided to insult his uncle. This started a great four way mix-up that occasionally spilled out to the floor with some hard hitting action from all involved. After taking a terrific beating on the floor, Prophet made his way back and scored the pin to win the match.
Out next was Gregory Irons. For those who haven’t seen Irons work, he is legit handicapped and a very personable young man. As he made his way around the ring, the crowd was definitely with him. When his opponent was announced as Whacks, the crowd expected a tough but fair match. But something seems to have happened to Whacks since we last saw him work in this area. The first words out of his mouth were an insult to the handicapped as well as commenting about Clydesdale’s height…or lack there of. From that point, things just turned into a savage beat down on Irons. After getting the pinfall after a brutal tackle, Whacks came over to me, took my cane and began to choke Irons with it ranting about Irons being handicapped.
Next up was a tag team contest between The Spanish Armada and the Runaways (Joe Gacy and Ryan Slater). After an array of insults fired across the Armada’s bow, Gacy and Slater took it to them and sunk their fleet. Slater was literally covered in rope burns from being thrown with such force into the ropes in this tag war
And then it was time for the Man. Nick Gage. Facing Facade. We all knew where this was going.. Out of the ring. And Gage failed to disappoint. Over the guardrails and out into the crowd. Chair shots and crushing back blows into the skating rink’s cement retaining wall. And when all was said and done, chalk up another victim…I mean victory to Nick Gage.
The main event saw two men capable of brawling and wrestling in Sami Callihan and Sabian. The craziness of Callihan was apparent immediately as he carried the oversize reindeer head of the skating rinks mascot to the ring. Issuing his challenge to Sabian while wearing the head was just part of the insanity of this match which later saw a Tweety Bird Head brought to the ring. This lead to some posing with Clydesdale wearing the head follow by a face-off between both wrestlers wearing the heads. After an array of hard hitting and fast action, the BLK Jeez Sabian came out on top. Never one to turn down the chance, Sabian made his way over to ringside to admire a few of the ladies’ physical attributes as Callihan stalked to the back.
A return is planned for late October so keep your eyes out for further information on this new hot promotion.

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