NWA USA Results: March 18th, 2023

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Here are the results from March 18th’s edition of NWA USA, taped on February 12th and 13th from the WEDU PBS Studios, Tampa, Florida.

Match 1: Bobby Fulton and Wrecking Ball Legursky went to a no-contest. Fulton got in one punch before Ricky Morton ran in and convinced Fulton to leave. As Morton was having words with The Fixers, Joe Alonzo and Jamie Stanley ran out and attacked Morton with a chair, with the aim of getting Kerry’s attention, no doubt.

Aron Stevens (w/Blunt Force Trauma) told a disgruntled May Valentine that he was trying to give Rolando Freeman an opportunity but now he is going to wipe the town with his “turkey face”. As for the tag team division, they are a business of boys, and BFT are men. Anyone that gets in their way will meet the same fate: Blunt. Force. Trauma. Good promo!

Father James Mitchell told May Valentine that Taya Valkyrie is the “cultural appropriation Barbie” and that she will soon be lying in the wasteland as “the Max the Impaler juggernaut continues”. As for Sal Rinauro walking out of the match with Gaagz, Mitchel thinks it was a combination of vanity and not wanting to disappoint the Father. Mitchell says it can all be forgiven, however, Sal needs to remember that the Father created him and he can also destroy him, so make your choices wisely. Mitchell never fails on the mic.

Match 2: Blake ‘Bulletproof’ Troop (w/ Chris Silvio, Esq) beat Jerimiah Plunkett (Danny Dealz) in a decent match after Blake made Plunkett tap out to his modified knee bar/leg lock.

Match 3: Natalia Markova beat CJ in a comedy match revolving around CJ not understanding she was not a valet for the match. It was decent enough comedy/slapstick, but as a main event of a wrestling show…?!? I’m not trying to be a snob, if it worked for you then great, but it was bizarre booking to my mind.

That’s all for this week’s NWA USA. Thanks for reading!

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