NWA USA Results: February 18th 2023

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Here are the results from February 19th’s edition of NWA USA, taped on February 12th and 13th from the WEDU PBS Studios, Tampa, Florida.

Match 1: NWA Women’s TV Championship Qualifier – Taya Valkyrie beat Jennacide in a good match after nailing the Road to Valhalla.

Chris Silvio, Esq. came to the podium with Jax Dane and Blake ‘Bulletproof’ Troop and announced Dane has someone to watch his back now. They don’t ask, they take, and they’re coming for the NWA US Tag Team Titles!

Joe Alonzo introduced ‘That Dude’ Jamie Stanley as his new manager. Stanley’s promo putting Alonzo over was great.

Match 2: ‘Magic’ Jake Dumas (w/CJ) beat Mecurio in an ok encounter after CJ caused a distraction, allowing Dumas to hit a tombstone piledriver for the pin. Afterwards, Dumas went to give Mecurio the papercut of death with the playing card but Italy’s most handsome man escaped just in time.

Kenzie Paige told May Valentine that she was not trying to ditch Pretty Empowered by replacing herself with Roxy for the upcoming title match against The Renegade Twins. Kenzie insisted she actually ‘made’ Pretty Empowered and the match will give Roxy the opportunity to prove herself.

Match 3: NWA US Tag Team Champions Country Gentleman beat The Spectaculars in a good main event that was notable for The Fixers stealing the old US Tag Team belts halfway through. Could these be going to Jax Dane and Bulletproof Troop?

That’s all for this week’s NWA USA. Thanks for reading!

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