NWA USA Results: December 17th 2022

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Here are the results from December 17th’s edition of NWA USA, taped on December 5th at Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN. The audience was made up of wrestlers, as per other Champions Series episodes.

Match 1: Champions Series – La Rosa Negra (Team Pretty) beat Taya Valkyrie (Team Rock and Roll) in a strange encounter. The start of the match was actually very, very good but a couple of minutes in, the screen froze as Taya was about to land a double foot stomp. The screen then faded to black and showed the following caption: “During the course of this match, La Rosa Negra suffered serious internal injury at the hands of Taya Valkyrie, causing NWA officials to suspend this Champions Series match. Unfortunately, Taya Valkyrie would choose to ignore NWA officials and continue to assault a prone La Rosa Negra. As a result, Team Pretty received 3 points for a disqualification, and NWA USA GM Tim Storm has suspended Taya Valkyrie until 2023. Due to the severity of La Rosa Negra’s injuries and the resulting actions from Taya Valkyrie, the remainder of this match will not be broadcast.”

Match 2: Mercurio (Team Gold) beat Joe Alonzo (Team Rebelión) in a good, fast-paced encounter after Mercurio dropped Alonzo with a facebuster.

More talking head segments from Team Rock and Roll and Team Pretty. Ella Envy protests too much that she’s not scared of Jennacide and she’s not worried. Kenzie Page sounds worried as she lists Jennacide’s attributes. Jennacide meanwhile sounds level-headed and speaks like an athlete as she documents that she won the Champions Series last year and her grappling/submission game is on point, so there’s no reason she can’t win this time.

Match 3: Jennacide (Team Rock and Roll) beat Ella Envy (Team Pretty) in a solid battle after nailing Envy with a big knee to the head. As a result, Team Rock and Roll progress to round 2 of the Champions Series, while Team Pretty are eliminated.

Members of Team Gold and Team Rebelión profess their fear of Max the Impaler. Mecurio says they look like a rock that somebody put hair on.

Father James Mitchell tells May Valentine there is a plot to divide Max the Impaler and himself. Mitchell says this won’t work and they’ve got a chance to get Natalia Markova one more time, where Max will stand with their arm raised and “a mushroom cloud slowly rising to the top”.

Match 4: Max the Impaler & Ashley D’Amboise (Team Rebelión) defeated Natalia Markova and Roxy (Team Gold) after Max decimated Roxy with a massive lariat. As a result, Team Rebellion progress to the second round of the Champions Series, while Team Gold are eliminated.

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