NWA USA Results: December 10th 2022

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Here are the results from December 10th’s edition of NWA USA, taped on December 5th at Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN. Much like on Powerrr, the wrestlers made up the audience again, making for a fun, boisterous atmosphere.

Throughout the show, various talking segments aired with various team captains and team members giving their views on their opponents and on their own team members. This was a definite improvement on Powerrr and helped to build the idea of the teams and their relationships. Team Tyrus came across as over-confident, Team Brickhouse as ready and serious, Team Great as self-assured and Team Fixers as, well, dysfunctional.

Also, the show used on-screen graphics to depict the teams and the points earned so as to make it easier for the viewer to track who was on what points and who was in the lead. Another big improvement on Powerrr and a step in the right direction.

Match 1: Championship Series – Kilynn King beat Angelina Love in a good match after making Love tap out to the crossface.

Match 2: Championship Series – Question Mark 2 beat Carnage in a good big man match when Mark made Carnage tap to the rear naked choke. I liked the nice touch near the end of Kamille telling Mark not to pin Carnage and go for the submission instead as it was worth more points and Team Brickhouse were down on points. Little logical touches like that go a long way and help to build a story.

Match 3: Championship Series – Missa Kate beat Marti Belle by count out in the match of the night, after Missa Kate was able to deck Belle at ringside and slip back into the ring just before the referee’s count ended. By virtue of this result, Team Fixers was eliminated from the Championship Series and Team Great were through to round two.

Match 4: Championship Series – Allysin Kay & Kayla Kassidy fought to a time-limit draw with Madi & Samantha Starr in an entertaining bout. Kay and Kassidy were very much not on the same page throughout. This result put Team Tyrus and Team Brickhouse on equal points, meaning the alternates would need to wrestle a tie-break.

Match 5: Championship Series – Rolando Freeman pinned Jerimiah Plunkett in a decent enough match after nailing Plunkett with the big boot. This win meant that Team Tyrus were through to the next round of the Championship Series and Team Brickhouse were out. The surprise on Tyrus’ face as the bell rang was a picture…

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