NWA Update, by David Marquez.

So, things around the Big Vision/NWA production office seem to be getting back on track. Over the last few months there’s been several situations that didn’t allow us the time to produce the amount of video I wish we could. Well, not things are bit back to normal and we’ll be getting back to the grind and hopefully we’ll stay on task. Also, we should have new news on TV distribution (additional to Colours) for the Showcase that should allow more viewers to have better access.

Another bit of news is the NWA Board has asked us to highlight more NWA area talent and we agreed that we need to do that, so over this Summer we’ll be sending our cameras out to events all over the country or show footage from other NWA area TV programming, so you all get the real “flavor” of the National Wrestling Alliance.

“The Best of Blue Demon, Jr.” had done really well since its release last week. At the moment its only avail exclusively at Hastings Stores and the Big Vision website (www.bvdvd.com). We only ran enough to meet Hastings order, so I guess this is a limited release, so I’d get your copy now. With the success of the title, we’re working on others including what was the original “Reclaiming the Glory” set. A lot has happened in the last few years and we felt that waiting would allow for a better release; I think we made the right decision.

Anyhow, we’re all here at the office on a Saturday turning out video. At the moment, I’m editing the Phillips Arena event from last Summer. I have to seen the footage since we shot it, I’m so happy with what we produced that day.

I won’t bore you all with anything else, gotta go back under the lights and shoot some segments that should be online this week. The episodes that are missing should be up by mid week too.

As always thanks for you passion for the NWA and loyalty.


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