NWA United States Tag Team Championship Tournament Preview

Friday night, January the 24th in Millersville, Tennessee at Southern All – Star Wrestling will hold a 1 night tournament to crowned brand new NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions

The tag teams that will participate in this historic 1 night tournament are:

Mayhem ( Hammer Jack and Gator McAlister )

Chris Michaels and Jason ” The Gift ” Kincaid

Team IOU ( Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy )

The Illuminati ( Chris Richards and Chase Owens )

Abriella and Jocephus Brody

The Lords of K.A.O.S. ( ” Mr. Mid – Atlantic ” Damien Wayne and ” Canadaian Lion ” Lance Erikson )

Be a part of NWA history, January the 24th at the SAWMILL Arena



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