NWA: Twisted Sisterz Making Noise

Twisted Sisterz

The Twisted Sisterz–Holidead and Thunder Rosa shocked the world when they defeated the team of Alexander G. Bernard and Jimi Mayhem, to become the new NWA Western States Tag Team Champions!  Little did the World know what would shortly happen after these two females won the Vendetta Pro Tag Titles.  The duo would head to STARDOM in Japan and defend the titles in Japan.  Their next defense is against the wily veterans Shane and Shannon, the Ballard Brothers.  But as the tag team is gaining in notoriety, would the NWA be so bold as to allow it’s World Tag Team Championships to be challenged by female competitors?

Recently ranked in the Top Five Tag Teams for The Indy Power Rankings, the Twisted Sisterz have the capture the eye of the Internet Wrestling Community, a successful defense of the Western States Heritage Tag Titles in a few weeks must open the doors for an opportunity to challenge the Heat Seekers.

It should also be noted that Thunder Rosa will challenge the NWA Worlds Woman’s Champion Jazz on January 27th.

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