NWA to reclaim its titles from CMLL.

As reported by The Cubsfan, Blue Demon Jr. (as NWA rep) held a press conference showing off new belts (same look, but they don’t have 40 years of use on them), declaring CMLL is officially prohibited from using their versions of these NWA championships, declaring these championships vacant and explaining they’ve sent letters to the commission to enforce these decisions. Demon then posed with the belts will people who clearly respect title belts, Los Perros del Mal. (Well, X-Fly had his title back anyway.) Of note, they had new light heavyweight and middleweight titles, but not a welterweight one, so maybe Mephisto’s in the clear. Demon says they’ll be holding tournaments for the titles, and CMLL and AAA are invited to send wrestlers.  Some people speculate that Perros Del Mal have entered into an agreement with NWA Mexico.  No official announcement has been made as of yet.

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