NWA Ten Pounds Of Gold 51 | Harley Race & Nick Aldis (2019)


NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis sat down with 8-times NWA Champion Harley Race for the latest episode of #TenPoundsOfGold entitled RACE TO THE LEARNING TREE.

The legacy of the National Wrestling Alliance dates back to 1948 in Waterloo, Iowa but it’s the men who held Ten Pounds of Gold who carry that tradition forward each day. Harley Race holds the record number of reigns with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

The National Treasure Nick Aldis has made it his mission to re-establish the credibility of the champion and honor the legacy by sitting down with as many former champions as possible. This conversation with Harley Race took place on March 9th, 2018 in. Moscow Mills, MO before the World League Wrestling Show.

Covered in this episode, the responsibility Harley Race felt as NWA Champion, the importance of the opponent for the Ten Pounds of Gold, and mindset of a champion.

Also see the highlights of Nick Aldis facing Leland Race for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

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