NWA Supreme Press Release

Our Mission Statement
NWA SUPREME (Formerly known as Supreme League Of Wrestling) is a Fan-driven company that has made a commitment to supply products and services that will meet or exceed our fans needs and expectations. Through the implementation of our quality system we will strive to entertain audiences while maintaining or improving our quality and competitiveness in the marketplace. The alternative has arrived and now we are the only company in Illinois with a six-sided wrestling ring. BUT THIS SHOW WE WILL BE USING 4 SIDED RING WITH A TEN-FOOT CAGE.
About NWA
The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is a governing body for a group of independent professional wrestling promotions and sanctions various NWA championships in the United States. The NWA has been in operation since 1948.
All the member promotions of the NWA recognize the NWA World Heavyweight Championship as their highest title. Wrestlers, like Ric Flair, who held the NWA Title, could also go on tours of member promotions. Many others have held this title including Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Sting, A.J. Styles, Sabu, and Raven to name a few. Even MMA legends Dan Servern and Ken Shamrock have also been NWA champions. NWA is breeding ground of potential WWE and TNA stars seen on TV. So you never know one month you will see your favorite NWA Supreme wrestler at show in Mattoon then next month they might by on TV on WWE or TNA.
As of Jan. 2010: The National Wrestling Alliance is pleased to announce that it has entered into a licensing agreement with JAKKS Pacific for NWA Legends action figures. The five-year deal also covers other products that the parties might look to market in the future.
NWA Supreme returns to action April 24th. There will be a SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP match between DaCobra(Supreme Champion) and Micheal Shard.
The NWA Illinois State Champion Marcos Cordova will be facing Bloody Harker Dirge in a title match.
Special Super Heavyweight match between Bear St.Pierre against debuting Guy Smith. Many new NWA stars are debuting this night. So I have been informed by Chad Tally, DeAndre King will have an open challenge for any takers that night.
Also, Win a FREE pair of TNA Wrestling tickets at the April 24th NWA Supreme show in Mattoon,IL courtesy of centralillinoisprowrestling.com For May 13th show in Springfeild Il.
Burgess-Osborne Auditorium
1701 Wabash Ave. Mattoon, IL.
12 and up $10.00
6-11 $5.00
Under 5 Free
Presales $8.00
$5.00 Student I.D.
PRESALES $8.00 (217)218-6945
David Cavazos
Nwa Supreme/Slw
Owner and Promoter

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