NWA Southwest to present Charlie Haas vs. Phil Shatter NWA National Title Match

Less than 24 Hours after yet another successful defense for the NWA National Champion Phil Shatter, NWA Southwest Commissioner Ken Taylor announced today that he signed Phil Shatter would agree to defend his title against NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion “Worlds Greatest Wrestler” Charlie Haas.  Shatter took on and defeated one of his largest opponents last night in the NWA Oklahoma champion Michael Faith.  Charlie Haas taunted the National Champion earlier this week, “You are not a man, you are a coward.”  
The National Champion has spent nearly two years defending the the title all across the United States.  His frequent flyer card has racked up a lot of miles between Hollywood, Charlotte, Cornelia, McKeepsort, or Lebanon and has faced some of the best of the National Wrestling Alliance.  And in those years, Shatter has earned top ranking in the National Wrestling Alliance, complete with multiple title shots against the Worlds Champion.  Shatter even has something Charlie Haas doesn’t, a victory over Adam Pearce.  Phil Shatter told reporters from NWA Southwest, “As Champion, I have the opportunity to effect match-ups that will enhance my championship legacy, and this is certainly one of them!

Phil Shatter will return to the NWA Southwest in the first National Title defense since 2001.  Both men wish to see NWA World Champion Adam Pearce once again.  And both men know that they have to go through each other to earn that shot.  Next month, Sherman Texas, it will take place at Ringside Training & Event Center.  Commissioner Taylor said “This match is about two wrestlers very capable of being World Heavyweight Champion.”  The card is being billed “Showdown In Sherman” – a metro area of 100,000 located 55 miles north of Dallas.  The last thing Shatter added was “The Sheik in Florida on November 6th,  make it past him, then Charlie Haas in Texas november 13th! 2 tough battles!”

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