NWA Southwest adds another member to the territory

NWA Southwest Commissioner Ken Taylor has announced another affiliate member to the growing NWA Southwest Territory effective January 22, 2009 – Paradise Professional Wrestling (PPW). It will be based on South Padre Island, Texas and will be promoted by long-time Midwest promoter Carmine DeSpirito with initial shows centering around Spring Break. NWA-SW/PPW shows will take place at the South Padre Island Convention Center beginning Sunday, February 15th at 5pm. For the first time in nearly eight years pro wrestling returns to South Padre Island.

“The area is starving for pro wrestling!”, stated DeSpirito. “This will be the first wrestling event held on the Island since March of 2001, when the final episode of Nitro was filmed.”

Taylor said DeSpirito wanted Paradise Pro Wrestling to be a part of the restored Territory of NWA Southwest delivering the legendary 61-year-old NWA brand to the southern most region of Texas and a large tourist/convention destination. “Carmine brings a lot to the table with his NWA experience and we anticipate great success for him on the Island,” said Taylor.

The National Wrestling Alliance or NWA is the oldest governing body in pro wrestling. Last year, the NWA celebrated their 60th Anniversary at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta. “We pride ourselves, in having the ability to bring a show to a smaller community like South Padre Island.” DeSpirito added. “You won’t see the pyro, or the light show associated with a larger venue. Rather you will see some “in-your-face-action” like you’ve never seen before!”

“The best wrestling talent in Texas will be on hand for the first event on the 15th. If you LOVE wrestling, you’re gonna LOVE our product. Our emphasis is on WRESTLING. That’s the NWA way!”, DeSpirito added.

The 15th is just the first of four events to be held on South Padre Island. The other Sundays booked are March 15th, 22nd & 29th. If you’re a college kid on Spring Break, have no fear – BEER WILL BE SERVED!

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